Webinar :

AIFMD Annex IV reporting made easy for Fund Managers and Fund Administrators for all EU jurisdictions

- Live demo and Q&A session

| 5th December 2019, Thursday, 15:00 to 16:00 hrs CET

Even the most versed fund managers find Annex IV reporting an intricate task, which demands collection of data from multiple sources, cumbersome calculations involving hundreds of data elements & re-populating data for submissions to multiple jurisdictions and finally generating reports in XML format. Rejection of submitted data by the regulator after going through such immense process leads to needless pressure and anxiety.

As a global enterprise with 14+ years of industry experience, DataTracks helps small, medium & large AIFMs, Asset Manager & Fund Administrators in EU in their Annex IV reporting obligation. We have developed pick & choose modules that best suit different workflows and ensure simple, timely & error free submission of data with the regulator.

In this webinar, you will learn as how our cloud product helps you with:
  • 80+ built in formulas for automated calculations
  • Built in validation with easily understandable suggestions
  • Reporting to multiple EU jurisdictions with single data
  • Ability to accept/link multiple sources as input
  • Online preview of reporting templates in ESMA format with an ability to make changes to the data
  • Completion of entire XML generation process in less than a minute
  • Effective collaboration while sharing and reviewing files
  • Comprehensive audit trail feature
  1. Gautham – member of product design & XBRL team
  2. Martie – member of EU business development team
  3. Sooraj – member of product design & XBRL team

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