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AIFMD: Investor Ownership, Classification & Liquidity

01/18/2016 ||By: Gopi P D

Investor Ownership, Classification & Liquidity: Reporting for Alternative Investments under Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) requires the funds to report various investor-related questions; Top 5 investors’ aggregate percentage (or %) holding in the fund Ownership by investor group type Aggregate Percentage (% )of Professional clients Aggregate Percentage (% ) of Retail clients Investor Redemption […]

Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) & Risk Management

01/18/2016 ||By: Gopi P D

Alternative Investments form one of the investment vehicles that provide high returns to the investors, but at high risk. The risk in alternative investments is driven by factors such as: type of instruments, type of industry/sector, region in which investments are made, Counter party with which Fund Managers are associated, etc. It is thus essential […]

AIFMD Complexity in Reporting

01/18/2016 ||By: Gopi P D

AIFMD Annex IV reporting data can be classified into: Static data such as name of the fund house, name of the fund, legal entity code etc. Calculated data such as Asset under Management (or AuM), geographical focus, concentration of assets, instruments and market concentration. Complexity in a particular AIFMD reporting is determined by the level […]

COREP FINREP Reporting: A Primer

01/14/2016 ||By: Anupam Das

In response to the global financial crisis, the European Commission decided that it was time that high quality regulatory reporting was implemented by scrutinising the financial data of companies in much more detail. Consequently, to align with the international bank capital requirements, on 20th July 2011, it submitted a number of proposals to implement the […]

Solvency II- Begin at the Beginning

01/14/2016 ||By: Anupam Das

Insurance and reinsurance undertakings across the European Economic Area (EEA) are gearing up for the implementation of Pillar 3 of the Solvency II Directive first published in 2009 (2009/138/EC) and amended later. Originally slated to start in January 2014, Pillar 3 disclosure mandates are now ready to go live in January 2016. Solvency II has […]

Solvency II – At The Gates

01/14/2016 ||By: Anupam Das

With the Solvency II Taxonomy 2.0.1 out, we are almost at the end of the long series of taxonomies that we have encountered in this last year. Every ending, however, is a new beginning, and with the first live filing looming in April 2016, the tougher challenges are yet to come. Solvency II Pillar 3 […]

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