Cloud-based collaborative platform to review, comment and approve iXBRL documents in real time

| 23rd September 2020, Wednesday, 12.00 PM to 1.00 PM CET

With ESEF regulation coming into effect from 1 January 2020, the issuers of publicly traded securities in the European Union need to prepare their annual report in XHTML format. Further, when the annual report contains consolidated financial statements prepared in IFRS, issuers need to tag those statements with XBRL, and submit the report in iXBRL format.

Issuers need to have a solution that helps them comply with ESEF regulation on time with zero errors.

DataTracks Online Reviewer’s Guide (ORG) is an innovative tool designed exclusively for the Review and Quality Assurance of the iXBRL reports. This tool eases the review work for the issuers and the auditor to confirm the tagging decisions and the other parameters applied for the XBRL tags embedded within an iXBRL report.

In this webinar, you will learn how our Rainbow™ ORG helps you with the following:
  • Upload and preview the iXBRL document
  • Transmit the document between prepares and reviewers
  • Review iXBRL tagging decisions, presentation, calculation and anchoring relationships
  • Write comments against tags to exchange feedback and views
  • Approve tagging decisions
  • Compare between multiple versions of the same period and between multiple periods
  • Execute validations to confirm the 100 % ESEF compliance
  1. Pramodh Vittal – Head of product design team
  2. Vergil Lamech – Member of product design team
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DataTracks is a global leading disclosure management solutions provider offering a broad range of regulatory compliance services and solutions to corporates with operations across 26 countries. DataTracks helps companies to comply with the standards of multiple regulators such as SEC in the USA, HMRC in the UK, Revenue in Ireland, ACRA in Singapore, MCA in India, CIPC in South Africa and various EU regulatory authorities such as ESMA, EBA, and EIOPA.

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